Saturday, November 22, 2008

Two BDs, One Party, and a Thousand Stitches Later...

Like I said ... November is one busy month...and it's not over yet!

I spent today stitching like crazy...and am just about spent. Experienced an unforseen that the mail took forever to bring me some threads from Vikki that I needed for my script & such...and that set me way behind. It did arrive finally...but like a month after I expected ya...messed up my timing.

It's coming special project...and while I'm happy with what I have so far...I am disappointed that my "vision thing" didn't quite happen. Maybe it got thrown off by my panic over the thread issue. I don't know...but I find myself stumbling through...adding this and that as inspiration dictates...but just had to stop due to a finally empty brain.

So...thought I'd stop in and catch up...instead of stitching something I might rip out later.

Melanie is now officially 16 ! We had a party for her at my sis's (which is bigger than my place) attended by 18 friends (OMG)...but all were blessedly well-behaved...and they did have a good time. She decided that she wanted to get her nose pierced as her BD present...and she is now sporting a shiney stud-thing and getting used to it.

Our staff Christmas party was the day after. Lots of fun & really good food...not to mention that I won a really cool door prize which I will wrap as a present for coincidentally it was what I was going to buy for him! How handy was that!

Yesterday my big boy turned 18...and we went out to dinner to celebrate at our local Kelsey's. I was so tempted to let them know ... as they would have all gathered around and sung a Flintsones version of Happy Birthday...but the boy didn't even want a cake...let alone that! He was totally happy with his huge plate of chicken wings and needed no other pomp & circumstance.

Tomorrow I will resume stitching.....and plan on finishing the embroidery part so I can get on to finishing. All I have to do after that is complete my notes.....and I should be right on deadline.

No...I won't be sharing the project on'll all just have to wait until it's in print!

Time to get horizontal. My butt is numb from sitting most of the day. Only got up to change laundry loads & make dinner! Who would've thought of those as relief?

Catch up with you all more when this deed is done.


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Busy Li'l Beaver!

November is a really busy month for me...with 2 birthdays (one a Sweet 16 and the other a big 18), work and co-op board Christmas parties, meetings and the approach of Christmas ... ( in Retail Land )...and then there's this looming deadline for my article of December get the picture...lots that will be taking up my time...all this in addition to working full time...and we won't even get into the challenges I already have to deal with there!

Suffice it to say that if you don't see a post from me for a is because all of this other stuff is sucking up my time!

I leave you now with an idea for a gift item. All Grandmas have one thing in common...grandchildren! They all seem to have precious photos of them...and of course need something to put them in. I'm sharing a pic of a photo album cover that I gave to my Mom...aka Grandma...a few years back for her special Grand Children photos.

Enjoy...till next post...
Hugs ... Marie

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