Friday, January 16, 2009

Another Old Friend ... and More New Links

I was surprised yesterday by another "blast from the past" friend! Debbie who lives in Jerusalem ... has just begun blogging ... and stopped in to say Hi. She shared a pic of Melanie Roses that she stitched on her family heirloom chuppah! They are lovely!

I've also found more cool work from members of the Goldwork, Japanese Embroidery & Stumpwork groups over on Stitchin Fingers!

Elisabeth from the UK has a blog called " Sew In Love " and her work is stellar!

Shawkl is another blog that I know I'll be visiting often ... more fabulous creations! I'm totally impressed with her stitching aim for this year ... Twelve Dozen in Twelve Months ... CQ seam treatments that is! She's already up to # 7 ... so off to a great start.

Nuido details the journey of Jane ... whose passion is Japanese Embroidery.... awesome work! She shows fabulous close-ups of her progress through the creation of projects.

I will be adding these to my side bar so I can visit often ... and looking forward to seeing more from all of them.

While it is much slower at work...that presents a whole new set of that I still have tons of stuff to do...but with skeleton staff. It also means a major cut in hours for the staff...there's no way around it...but at least we haven't had to do any it is temporary. Once we get into March ... and spring is in sight ... business will start to increase again ... when customers look forward to getting outside again.

I must admit I've been in a bit of a creative slump of late...with no ambition to stitch. I've allowed myself to become distracted by two unplanned projects too ... which may account for it.

I decided to make new folders for the girls at work ... to put all their cash-related paperwork in. We have a dozen plastic organizers that I found at the Dollar Store years ago, but they have become seriously dilapitated over time ... and of course they don't carry these anymore ... so I had to come up with a new type. I need to make 16 of them ... as we always seem to run out in busy times ... especially when the second shift starts.

I found some simple pencil cases ... and cut up regular file folders to create the inside file cards. I cut tabs in the top and marked each with file names ... then had the girls at Customer Service laminate them, trim the edges, and punch holes in them. The whole works gets anchored in place with zip-ties. All the cards are done I just need to finish punching the pencil cases...and dab a bit of Weldbond on the cuts to seal the outside threads. The inside has a rubbery backing which should stand up well to daily use.

In addition ... Melanie asked me if I could knit her a hat. I had made one for Tim for Christmas ... and she was disappointed that she didn't get one! So...we went out to find some yarn ... and she chose a really pretty Red Heart 4-ply worsted ... a teal / turquiose / blue mix ... that will go well with a scarf she got as a gift from her cousin Emma ... as well as a couple of sweaters she has. I'm well under way with it now...about half done. Will share a pic when it's finished.

The yarn only came in a 340 gram ball ...which could probably make 3 hats ... or one hat and two think that'll be the plan. Okay ... now there's another challenge. I haven't knit a pair of mitts in years ... so may actually have to find a pattern. I know I'd be fine doing the cuff part ... but it's that thumb gusset thing that I can't quite remember how to do. Am sure Googling will rescue me!


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Isn't it fun to re-new on-line friendships?
As for knitted mittens...check out They have tons of free patterns for anything you are likely to want. I knitted my first pair of mitts (felted) for Christmas and had no problem with the thumb. If you want a copy of my pattern, let me know!

Marie Alton said...

Hi MA ... thanks for the info. Will check out the link & see what I find!

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