Monday, January 26, 2009

A Change is as Good as a Rest

When you get used to things being the same way for so long they become the norm ... and sometimes the smallest changes can really break the boredom.

I've had the same template for a while...and changed it today to see if I like it...and while it's okay...I might play with it again.

My stitching slump thing ... funny that by getting distracted by the hat & mitten thing actually refreshed my creativity ... and I'm back to working on the Drag Bag and other things.

I also added a link today to a Playlist that I created. Still want to add more to it and am working on figuring it out...but clicking on the link does work ( I wanted to put the whole thing in the side bar...but it's too big and only part of it shows).

I have to warn you ... I grew up on Rock ... and while there are some good old classic songs in the mix ... there's some pretty "in your face" current stuff ... especially the Linkin Park stuff.

I like it...keeps me feeling young.


CrazyKwilter said...

I read many blogs, so I don't remember what you had before, but this is well... plain. Too plain for you! LOL.

I agree about the music. I listen to a lot of music from the 90's. The music is so intertwined with my memories of driving my then teen-aged girls to activities.

I'm surrounded by people who haven't listened to anything new since Billy Joel's Piano Man. Which bores me to tears!

I'm glad your mojo is back!

Marie Alton said...

Hey CK ... well I had Thisaway Blue then changed it to Denim... now this one is Rounders 4 which is kinda nice ... hmmm maybe will give this a chance & see if I like the look!

Gwen Buchanan said...

Marie, my playlist was too big for my sidebar too so I just put it at the very bottom... kinda funny that they made them so they wouldn't shrink down enough, isn't it?

I like your music!!!

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