Thursday, January 22, 2009

Is It Spring Yet ?

White stuff everywhere...still...and it's about this time of year when I've pretty much had my fill of it. I wish spring was here already ... would love to see the tips of the tulips poking out of the ground ... but alas ... that is still a couple months away.

A few years back during this generally depressing time of year, I decided that I just had to make something ... springy ... to get me through till the day when I could see the new growth for real.

This bouquet was the first of two groupings (each with three flowers ... and will show the whole thing later). The patterns were shared in Maureen Greeson's newsletter ... where some of you may have seen this already ... but for those who didn't ... I will share them again here in a set of posts to follow.

They were created using fine wire ... upon which the beads are loaded ... then the wires criss-cross through to anchor the row. Each petal & leaf is created individually then wired together and wrapped in floral tape to finish.



Linda H said...

Hello Marie, I'm a CQ'er living in Fredericton, NB and I've been following your blog for a while now. I found you through CQ Mag Online. I have been teaching Quilting classes for 15 years now, and recently started teaching CQ as well. Its such a wonderful pass-time isn't it? I was fortunate enough to take my first CQ class with Judith Baker Montano, then an online course with Sharon B., followed by 2 days of class with Betty Pillsbury. This summer, I'll be in 2 classes with Carole Samples - So I'm REALLY having FUN!!! Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog, and photos of your work.. I am anxious to try making one of your spinners,and the CQ ornament balls as well. There just aren' t enough hours in the day!! I plan on getting a blog going soon as well...
Happy CQ'ing!! Linda H

Marie Alton said...

Hi Linda ...Nice to meet you!
That's awesome that you had your first CQ class with JBM herself!
She was my inspiration for SRE ... and I have her CQ book too!

Sharon B ... another hero of mine!
We chat occasionally ... and it was wonderful to work with her on the Katrina Project.

Betty P. ... I met her back in '99 at a stitching weekend ... learned Bullions & Cast-ons from her...and had a fabulous time.

Carole Samples ... another prolific stitcher! Have chatted on-list with her several sur her class will be wonderful.

Am glad that you are having fun, and want to try the ornaments ... but yes ... I know all to well that 24 is just not enough hours in one day!

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