Saturday, January 10, 2009

Old Friends, New Friends & Awesome Stuff !

It's been a long time since I had the luxury of spare time. Christmas in retail ... and getting it all together for same on a personal level really eliminated much of it...then to add a major project for publication into the mix...yup that just about sucked it all up!

This time of year is what I look forward to...sales slow wayyyy down...and it takes less effort to manage my work requirements....and all the house stuff from Christmas is now packed up.

Those challenges I mentioned at work seem to be ironing themselves out a bit...for now...and am feeling much less stressed.

Because of all this stuff ... I didn't have time to spend least not as much as I'd have liked...especially where Stitchin Fingers was concerned...and I was feeling quite guilty about that ... seeing as I had assumed moderating two of the groups...then wasn't able to even take part.

Tonight I spent a lot of time there...and was sooooo glad I did! I've found that some old friends have resurfaced & joined ... and found / checked out some links to sites & blogs of ladies that I'm sure are going to become new friends.

Maureen Greeson has found us ... and another friend of hers Shirlee Fassell joined too! Maureen and I have been e-friends for quite a while & I am glad to see her back in action ... and when Maureen had her newsletter happening on her site ... I found a lot of inspiration in Shirlee's work (she did several articles in there too ... so looking forward to seeing more from her).

Today I joined the Goldwork group ... and found some awesome things from the members there!

Unfortunately...the links I saved are on the upstairs computer...and I'm posting this from the downstairs will share those another day.

Carol-Anne Conway was one of my big finds of the day ... I had previously been struck by her awesome Japanese embroidery...but her Goldwork is to die for!

Mary Corbet ... (who has an article that will be in the upcoming issue of CQ Mag be sure to check that out) another member there...and I found her today from a link on another blog. More awesomeness!

OMG...time to's now after 1 am ... and I have to be at work for 8!

Time sure flies when you're having fun! Later!

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Magpie's Mumblings said...

I haven't had time to keep up with StitchinFingers for the past while and didn't realize you had taken on another group? I must make a point of moseying around there and see what's new.
Nice that you've rediscovered Maureen and Shirlee too. I have Mary Corbet on my rss feed because I love her goldwork (which I'm planning to try at some point).

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