Saturday, January 17, 2009

One Hat & 1/2 a Mitten Later . . .

Before I found SRE ... knitting was one of my main passions. I just remembered that recently ... as I was stitching away at the last rounds of the hat...which turned out really well I might add!

The designer in me was actually nutured & unleashed through knitting.
I created my own patterns for many years ... sketching a concept and then making it take form.

My original creations found a fabulous venue ... my dear friend (and partner in crime at the time) Sue Copeland... had opened a very cool shop in Queen West Village called Ko - Havoc ... a venture with exclusive rights to a fledgling clothing line called Havoc ... very trendy stuff at the time...kinda Goth / Victoriana. My stuff was a consigned sideline ... and the focus was accessories to go with the line ... as well as off-the-wall creations that were wayyy out there ... several of them were purchased by musicians ... stage wear! Ahhh ... those were fun times. Damned shame that I don't have any pics of those pieces ... they were so cool!

Whoa ... sidetrip down Memory Lane ... but I digress!

The hat is done ... and it fit Melanie perfectly ... but of course I knew it would ... because I measured her and matched the the math worked out right. She has promised to model it and snap some pics of herself (with that new camera that Santa brought her for Christmas) so as soon as I have some I'll show them.

I found a perfectly functional (and free) mitten pattern at the site that Mary Anne suggested ... and with a couple of minor modifications gauged it to the yarn and needles I wanted to use. The thumb gusset was the part that I couldn't recall how to it was fabulous to work from a pattern to get that right...and as of now I've done that and am on to the top end.

Decided to stop for a while ... as I've been at it a good part of the day. When I came up from my stitching cave ... found that Mel was watching a movie. I'd seen it twice before already ... but watching it again 'cause it's so good!

P. S. I Love You ... is the one ... a total "chick flick"... Hilary Swank ... Lisa Kudrow ... Kathy Bates ... a well done love story ... keep the Kleenex handy.

I usually don't watch movies more than once ... prefer to watch as many as I can ... but this one is a lovely story ... so real and fun ... the kind I make a rare exception for and watch several times.

Off to plug in !


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Glad that you found what you wanted on Lion Brand AND that you have a mitten half done already!!

btw...I didn't know you had a'past life' as a knitter.

Marie Alton said...

Hey Hey MA ... yes and thanks for the link ... they have lots of neat stuff ... and was so glad to do "one-stop-shop" for free even.

I never told you that?...that I used to knit like a fiend? Hmm.

Surprise ... surprise ... surprise!
(A bit Gomer Pyle ... oh well!)

Just another of my many talents!

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