Sunday, January 4, 2009

Scheming in Green . . . Drag Bag Revisited

Well...I found a bit of time this weekend to play...after deligating the dismantling of the tree to the kids...and occasionally getting up to change loads of managed to finish off the big wrought iron trellis on my Drag Bag...and now considering what I want to put over it.

I don't really want to bury it...there's too much time and effort spent in its creation. I do want to enhance it but still have a fullness to it. Instead of blasting full steam ahead...I decided to turn my thoughts to a "doodle cloth"...and try out some of the contemplated greenery.

This is kinda like scribbling with thread...a means to the eventual giving ideas a place to take physical form without commitment to the project itself...and a chance to decide if I like what I see or not.

My efforts were mixed...some of it I did like and some of I tend to get bored with the same old same old...and forced my brain to consider different effects.

Vines are what I want....but bold ones. I did a line of chain stitches then whipped over it...and added some silk ribbon Double Wrap BT Lazy Daisy stitches for leaves...this I love the look of...and did a mental calculation as to whether I had enough of the ribbon to manage the whole thing. It'll go far...but may need a secondary fill-in. I played with the Double Cast-on stitch...and with 2 Cast-ons with a bullion centre...this has great potential & I have lots of #12 silk to use for quite possibly what would work.

Pics would certainly be helpful here...but I didn't manage to get any scanner DS was busy completing a project for school....yes holidays are over...back to class tomorrow (yay)...but will try to get visuals this week.

Back to the grind early tomorrow...for me and kids...means I better get to bed now.

Catch up more soon.


MichelleMermaid said...

Hi Marie!
I have an old pair of too-big jeans sitting on the floor of my closet. I've been eyeballing them with a drag bag in mind. But first, I wondered just how tough it is to make one. I think I remember reading on your blog about you having to use pliers to get the needle through? I can't say I'm in the mood for that big of a challenge, but thought I should find out exactly what I'm in for should I choose to pursue the project.

Allison Ann Aller said...

I need to know more about that drag bag. What will you be using it for?

Marie Alton said...

Hi Michelle ... it's not that difficult really...I kept the two side seams...and cut out excess from the front & back seams to make straight seams...and added an extra piece of different denim along the bottom edge for more length. The base of the bag will be a rectangular insert...and then the inside will be lined. I've made two handles long enough to carry it over one shoulder.

The stitching...through a single layer is not is more difficult going through double layers...especially on days when arthritis bothers my hands...then yes sometimes I resort to pliers to pull the needle through....but that is an exception not the norm.

Allie ... when it's finished I'm going to use it to carry my paperwork & such to/from work. I usually only have one fat binder and a few supplies like: pens / highlighter / correction tape lunch bag...and whatever else I might need ... shoes sometimes if I wear boots to know...stuff!

The one I use now I've had for about 4 years...a promo gift from the financial services division as my reward for educating all my staff about the newest credit card out at the time. It's been very servicable...but the inside was lined with a plastic-type backing which over the years of dragging has started to break up and shards of it get in everything inside.

So...decided a new one was in order...and wanted something more exciting ... more me!

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