Sunday, February 22, 2009

Circular Distractions

At Christmas I had given each of the three regular day girls something special from my stash of goodies ... they were small jars with lids that I had done some ribbon work on. These weren't recent creations but done some time ago ... they had Concertina roses, gathered florettes and the like. Originally I had made them for the booth thing ... to go with potpourri that I was making back then ... but they could be use for earrings or tea bags ... a generally functional piece.

One of the girls told me recently that she didn't even get to keep hers because her daughter claimed it for herself ... she just loved it! As I know she has a birthday coming up soon ... and she always gives me gifts for everything ... anniversary included ... I started contemplating another piece for her.

I started doodling with a circle ... then another ... and another and before I knew it I had half a dozen. I suppose I should've just kept it simple and did some SRE ... but I decided on CQ ... and the circular patterns I came up with began to intrigue me ... as they sort of spiraled.

There are no rules in CQ....right Sharon?

I ended up piecing two of them ... and just finished embellishing the first one and well ... I wanted to stitch a whole bunch! I'm out of time...for now...back to the grind tomorrow...but they are very portable projects ... something that I can work at during my dinner hour!

Distracted by a new idea ... again ... OH NO! My list of things to do just got longer!


Inga said...

Good Monday to You Marie.
I have finally found some time to look at your site. Very nice!!!
I agree...distracted by another idea!

Some time has flown since AHSS reunion. Remember we talked about Victorian "hair jewellery" and you just happened to have an article about it.

I will email you, I know you may be confused, apologies &:^)

You will know me when you see Inga Frey.

Have a great after noon!


MichelleMermaid said...

Hi Marie,
Your circular work sounds intriguing. I'm looking forward to seeing some photos!

Marie Alton said...

Hi Inga has been a while since the reunion ... and glad you found me. Look forward to hearing from you!

Hey Dakota ... I may have a chance to scan a pic tomorrow...DD is on the computer upstairs tonight doing ??? homework or research or something. I want to do a pic of it before embellishing ... as it'll give a better visual of the idea.

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