Thursday, February 5, 2009

Iron & Vines - Drag Bag Update

When I did the trellis on the back ... the one with all the tiny pink roses ... it dawned on me that it kinda looked like a lost sheep ... so I decided I had to tie it in to a larger theme. I added a trim around the edge of the lighter denim...and worked this section on the centre front. I also stitched a couple of smaller trellises on each side seam.

I actually started working on this back in the summer...the week we were at the cottage...and all I had with me to outline the iron work was a pen. The stitching covers most of it ... and figure one good washing will take out the rest. In some spots ... I discovered later ... it is not entirely as symetrical as it was supposed to be...but what the heck...I'll just bury the mistakes with stitching.

The wrought iron was done with DMC Coton Perle # 8 ... back stitched / whip stitched. For the vines I used Vikki Clayton's #12 Silk Pearl - Holly Leaves (from years ago) and the Bullion Tip Lazy Daisy leaves took a whole 6 yards of 4mm Isle Green 3209 ... and when that ran out added a couple more yards of YLI # 19 ... which is a very close match!

I'm still deliberating on the flora ... not sure what I want to do there ... thinking something other than roses ... maybe French or Colonial knot sprays ... or some gathered thingies. Will think on that some more...and maybe go back to the doodle cloth & play with some ideas.

Must run ... Mel just called from school wanting to come home ... her tummy doesn't feel too well!



Debbie said...

I love that ironwork, Marie. What a great effect! Can't wait to see the whole thing...

Linda H said...

Ooooh, I love it! I can't wait to see photos of the whole bag too!!

Kathy said...

I love the ironwork. Went back through your posts to see the other pictures. Anxious to see the completed project, from what I see so far your bag will be gorgeous.

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