Saturday, February 7, 2009

More Doodles - Drag Bag

Okay ... so once I got this frilly idea in my head ... I started playing with it & I'm kinda liking what I see. I've done these little gathered things before as individual bits that were stitched on afterward ... but figured I'd try to stitch them right onto the cloth. It took some playing ... with different size ribbons in various lengths....but it worked.

It's kinda like doing a French Knot rose ... only without the knot & in reverse! Clear as mud?

Hmmm ... this might take some diagramming to clarify ... but for the interim:

I started by bringing the ribbon up through the fabric ... then starting just above the exit point ... I wove the needle in & out of the ribbon ... 1/16 - 1/8" gaps ... & 13 - 15 times....very close to the edge on one side. Then I pulled the length of the ribbon through the weaving (so now it makes a circle) then just kept pulling until the circle closed. I took the needle down through and pulled gently to set the flower.

4mm makes teeny blooms ... & 7mm yields larger blooms ... these remind me of Million Bells or Petunias. I was tempted to try these on 13mm ... but think that might be overkill ... not to mention too big for this piece.

Other bits that I played with ... at top left a bullion leaf filled with satin the right of that I did a test drive of some pretty ribbon that Allie sent me ... hand-dyed by Vicki Day...I was thinking to use it here...but unfortunately the denim sucks the colour out of it. Bottom right ... tried my hand at a Buttonhole leaf...the first one was wonky... for the second I drew the shape on first & it came out much better.
So ... guess I'll gather up some laundry ... get it started ... and stitch!


MichelleMermaid said...

Hey Marie,
Don't you have a tutorial somewhere on the Melanie roses?

MichelleMermaid said...

found it! gonna try it! :)

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