Monday, February 9, 2009

Needlelace, Anyone?

Sharon B always finds the coolest stuff!

I spent an hour today checking out this find of hers...a tutorial on creating needlelace!

Textile dreams - fibery wake up features a crash course tutorial showing how to make needlelace. It focuses on one project and shows how to create the stitches shown. There are also resources given for further info ... and I was quite taken by The Encyclopedia of Needlework ... which is an online book by Gutenberg ... antique in origin that was so comprehensively awesome!

Fabulous thing to curl up with a "cuppa" like Sharon likes to say! Thank you my friend!

Today I focused on the Lace section...diagrams obviously dated...but workable with the text.

There's a broad spectrum of many needlework mediums ...everything from "Plain Sewing" to "Miscellaneous Fancy Work" ... something to save a link to...and get absorbed in for a while.

Check it out!

Long Live Needlework!


Diane said...

Hi Marie - I did have a go at needlelace, I'm half finished a dragonfly (see my blog). I found it awkward using the heavy card, I wonder if there is an easier way?

Marie Alton said...

Hi Diane
I wondered about does seem awkward. I think I'm going to go back to that Encyclopedia by Gutenberg and see what they say about set-up...I am sure that cardboard wouldn't have been in the list of things used!?

Marie Alton said...

So...under the section for Venetian Lace...the recommendation is the use of black paper (apparently then made just for this purpose) ... backed with "course linen".

Cardboard it is!

Diane said...

Maybe a pliable piece of plastic might be better. The tendancy using the cardboard is to try to bend it. I'll find some plastic for the next project.

Marie Alton said...

Ya know... Dollarama has these plastic cutting "boards"...two in a pack for ya...a buck ... that could work! You could get several patterns on one piece...and could use a marker to create your pattern and pierce it easily with a needle.

black bear cabin said...

wow...great link...thanks for sharing!

textiledreamer said...

I wouldn't describe what I'm using as heavy cardboard, it's more like heavy paper, so quite pliable. What I tried in my current project is to cover that with an adhesive foil, which works amazingly well. So the suggestion of using some thin plastic by itself might work as well.

Marie Alton said...

Hello textiledreamer! I didn't see your actual name anywhere (but maybe you want it that way).

Thanks for stopping in and adding your comment.

I was going to leave you one as well... to say how awesome your work was...and I appreciated all the visuals and info you had in your tutorial!

This just might be the next type of needlework I looks incredible!

Good to know that the plastic thing might work. Although I have a lot of projects on the go and don't really more to distract me...this is tempting me!

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