Monday, February 16, 2009

A Totally Creative Day

Well ... after my earlier trip to the Antique Pattern Library & printing off some wonderful finds there ... I bounced around the blogs to see what everybody else was up to ... and lo & behold my dear friend Sharon B has come up with another great find (and posted links to tutorials) for a stitch I hadn't experienced before ... the Trellis Stitch!

I checked out both links and decided I just had to play with this!

I totally love it! So many ideas started going through my head as to the possibilites! Will show my results a bit later when I can get to the scanner ... but suffice it to say ... I can see this becoming a regular new addition to my stitching repretoire!

Also ... my sister Cathy has a birthday coming up March 2nd ... and I recall her telling me recently that her pin cushion that I made her just isn't big enough! She is a seamstress extrodinaire ... and when she's doing a full piece ... she needs hundreds of pins at a time ... so as I was contemplating what would accommodate this need ... a vision struck me ... and so I proceeded to construct a new creation that I think she's gonna love!

If you saw the pin cushions that I shared in one issue of CQ Mag Online ... the ones with the CQ'd tops ... use that as the starting point of reference ... only picture it taller ... with Pinwheels anchored in between multiple layers!

This is not a scan-able piece ... so will ask Mel to snap pics for me. It's a Pin Tower ... and instead of doing CQ on top ... I anchored a beaded medallion made of multi-coloured metallic beads ... that fit so well with the multi-coloured heads of the pins!

As prototypes go ... it turned out pretty good ... but I realized afterward ways to make it better. I can see a subsequent edition being done to iron out the glitches...but still I'm happy with the result.

As typically happens with one project ... it immediately began to morph into other possibilites ... and an idea struck me ... the top section alone ... done in a pair ... would be another ornament evolution! Have yet to start it ... but already confident that it'll look way cool!

Some days are just meant to be creative...and so glad that today was one of 'em!

The bonus is ... that it's not over yet ... and I still have time to play some more!

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Magpie's Mumblings said...

Oooh...can't wait to see the latest creation! It sounds awesome. I just made three using cd's as the base and I love them (well, I love ONE of them...gave the other two away).

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