Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Trellis Samples

These are the bits I did earlier ... circular & linear patterns of the Trellis Stitch.

I found the circular one much easier to do ... it's like "knitting in the round" whereas the linear form is more like "two needle knitting" ... turning &/or reversing the work ... but here you work across & back with the right side facing.

The circular one I started with a double running stitch outline ... then continually working the trellis stitch counter-clockwise around. After the third round I decreased ... skipping every other stitch and worked even on the remaining stitches for two more rounds. I used Vikki Clayton's # 12 Silk Pearl ... Lavender Rose.
The "leaf" section at the right was done in YLI Pearl Crown Rayon ... I found it difficult to discern the loops between the knots ... and while it looks okay ... I switched back to green #12 silk for the one on the left ... and the pattern seems more obvious. Both of these began with outlines done in backstitch.
I noticed that the samples shown were worked on a canvas-type background ... but I chose simple cotton muslin ... and hooped it for stability.
I did like the look of the samples the other articles featured ... the texture is denser ... due to the fiber used...wool & cotton give different looks to the same stitch!
And ... speaking of different ... picture trimming out a painted button or a cabachon with this ... I think it'd look awesome ... oooh or a mirror disc ... how about a glass disc ... like those ones you find at Michaels used for floral arrangements?!! I have a bunch of those I aquired when we closed the store back in 2001.
Yup ... too many ideas ... never enough hours!


Gwen Buchanan said...

I have never seen anything like this before... it is really unique.. and beautifully done...

Conni said...

Marie, thanks for your comment on my first attempt at trellis stitch. I agree that number 5 perle cotton works well for this. I’m not sure I could work with smaller thread, though. I was finding it difficult enough to find the loops between the stitches even with that size (and I was working under a magnifying light!).
Your samples are lovely.
I must try the circular variation.

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