Thursday, February 26, 2009

What An Awesome Day!

The new moon ... the beginning of new things. New things are always inspiring to me!

My day started with an interview ... no not for a new job ... but with Rosalie...the gal who writes up the artist bios for A Needle Pulling Thread!

We had a phone appointment for 9am ... and ended up chatting for almost an hour ... about my submission and what led up to the article. Until today she had not seen what I had I sent her a quick pic of she could see what the planned creation was. Her passions are quilting and knitting...socks specifally..but creating is the common bond...and she was excited to see what I had done. It'll be interesting to see how she interprets our conversation into written word!

After our chat I decided to finish something I had in progress ... namely the CQ piece.

I so love it when the inspiration crests! That's just what happened today.

My recent circular distraction resulted in a partially completed project ... the embellished circle has now been finished into a jar topper...which came together quite nicely...but...when I looked at it felt like it needed something more.

It actually looks perfectly fine but ... somehow incomplete. I stared at it for a while ... trying to figure out why...or what it was that it seemed to need. Trim ... beaded trim ... yup ... that's what. I'm going to leave that for now...let the focus get a bit more clear...then tackle it later.

So ... good opportunity to pursue another distraction...same concept...different medium. I completed the fundamentals but now waiting on the vision. I'm seeing a floral spray in ribbon and decided on the colour scheme...but that is where the vision ended. Don't push'll come into focus. All in good time.

After all..tomorrow is another day!
As Ashley would say ... Gone with the Wind. Get it?

Pics will follow ... eventually.


Wow ... I'm soooo close to my 200th blog!

Now for those of you who have blogged for years ... you've probably well surpassed this mark but this is a big one for me!

So ...ta da..ta da..ta daaaa....I'm gonna share some stuff!

All comment posters this month are gonna get in on a DRAW ... this time for a Stash Share!

I'm going to throw together a "CQers Delight" package ... little bits of this and that... things you can work into your own or later...whenever the mood or inspiration strikes!

I'm going to exclude recent winners ... so Allie and Gwen won't be eligible.
Let's see who the Lucky Tin will favour this time! I'll announce the winner on March 1st!

Good luck everyone!

Fun ...Wow!


Magpie's Mumblings said...

I can't wait for that Needle Pulling Thread issue to come out to see what you've done and read the interview. I know it will be great.

Gwen Buchanan said...

Sounds like your interview went wonderfully.. .. fun to hear how the mind likes to wander from one thing to another.. I know mine does the same thing... I don't feel so scattered now.. have a good one...

I was going to suggest that I sit this out as I have already been a lucky winner... take care

MichelleMermaid said...

I took a moment to get caught up on your blog and I see...Oooooohhhh!!! It's for a stash of goodies...yum!!!
Thanks so much, I can't wait!
Dakotah :)

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