Saturday, February 21, 2009

What the Heck???

I had a really good laugh at myself the other day!

After showing the first sample of the Trellis stitch ... I decided to play with it again the next day with some other threads ... as I thought I had it down pat!

But try as I might ... could I get it to look like it was supposed to??? NO!

After the first failed attempt...ya think I might have gone back to Jeanne's pics for a refresher course ... but did I??? NO!

I tried twice more and still it didn't work! Finally I logged on and found her site...& then in one glance ... I realized what the heck was wrong! Somehow overnight my brain flipped the process! Where I was supposed to be going over the needle then under it ... I went under the needle then over ... hmm ... maybe if I cut out the fabric & looked inside...the knots would be on the inside!

Okay well ... just goes to show ya ... we're none of us perfect!

If you look at the sample below ... it will be obvious which ones were the failed attempts!

For these I played with DMC Coton Perl 5 (blue & beige) ... Pearl Crown Rayon (light fuchsia) ... and Ribbon Floss (berry) ... and I definitely like the #5 beige one the best.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Maybe you've invented a new stitch?? I'm not about to say too much, because I haven't tried this one yet.

Gwen Buchanan said...

Funny how our minds play tricks on us.. I always think about this fact when (off topic) they set trials in courts many months or possibly years down the road and then ask the witness " now what exactly happened here.. and what did the person look like ?" .. and expect people to remember the facts straight.. our minds have a way of glossing over the facts or exaggerating the simplest things.. opps but this just reminded me of how strange things always happen when I listen to the happenings of the world..

Marie Alton said...

New stitch? Maybe ... but now that I'm finally doing this right I don't want to mess it up by trying to recreate the failed attempt.

Gwen ... it is weird how the mind works ... or doesn't work ... which seems to happen more frequently the older one gets! I'm too young for Senior Moments!

MichelleMermaid said...

Hi Marie,
You know, even the wonky ones have a cool effect. Maybe the reverse approach could be used for a more distressed look? It would certainly add interesting texture...just a thought!

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