Saturday, March 28, 2009

Contemplation...Inspiration...& Cool Stuff

I've spent some time this week contemplating what direction I want to go ... artistically speaking.
I've done the retailing of original works, and patterns, and offered free stuff ... not to mention the four (soon to be five) articles ... and been blogging for over a year ... a lot accompished ... but still not nearly as far as I intend to go ... it's a perpetual journey that is always leading me off madly in all directions ... as I discover new techniques or creative forms.

Lately with my lack of inspiration & ability to get excited about current projects ... I've allowed myself to get distracted ... and been playing with smaller creations ... trying out this & that.

The Paisley adventure has continued ... and I've actually finished four ... but see ... this is my current dilemma. I'd like to share everything with you all ... but am thinking that some of these new creations will take me back to where I started ... offering originals up for sale. I love how the idea came together for a finished project ... and eventually when you do see it you'll understand what I meant.

So ... what forum ? I thought about doing an Etsy site ... but now giving that a second thought. I like the Artfire concept ... but don't think that I'd have enough volume to warrant a shop that would allow me so much space....and so may give their freebie thing a try ... 10 items at any given time ... that's about what I would have ... and then there's the sredeluxe2U venture that has been idle for a while ... hmmm ... what to do???!!!

Well ... I don't have to decide today ... so let's just let that simmer on the back burner for a while.

Feel free to voice your opinions.

So ... during all this down time ... I've poked around here & there for fun ... and found some inspiration in what others have shared.

Here's something that I thought was way cool. Rose Anne B did an awesome Coffee Cup Sleeve in CQ ... and it became a swap over on CQ - CA .

I also found a link on Mary Corbet's site for a tutorial about Dorset Buttons over on Craftystylish and have played with them ... made one small one & also did my own personal spin-off .... did the first part of it by covering a ring & then decide to use that as a centre for a beaded motif. (Pics will follow when I get around to scanning....possibly later today.)

I actually did finish off the stitching on the second CQ Swirl piece that I shared earlier this month ... and quite pleased with it. I've been getting some great brain waves about my Jar Topper idea ... the beading thing particularly as a finish ... and want to persue this soon.

I also discovered ... that while I intened this Topper to fit recycled candle jars (of which I have a whole bunch) that it will also exactly fit a standard Mason jar! I was thinking how risky ... not to mention how expensive it'd be to mail a glass jar ... so knowing that I wouldn't have to ... it's easier to consider as a viable saleable piece.

If you've read along this far ... thanks for listening to me ramble on ... and stay tuned for the pics to follow later!


Gwen Buchanan said...

Love seeing all the things you are thinking about and what is inspiring you, Marie.. so many things that want us to try them.. oh I do think we need more days in the week and more weeks in the year...

Marie Alton said...

Hi Gwen ... so true ... they whisper in our ear ... and before we know it we're right in them a try!
That'll be the next post!

MichelleMermaid said...

Hi Marie!
I enjoyed reading your thoughts and will be interested to see what direction you go. I think the freebie thing sounds promising, esp for starting out. Good luck!

Marie Alton said...

Hey Dakotah...I feel like I've gone full circle ... more like re-starting out ... been here, done this, doing it again...only this time I"m more seasoned by knowlege I suppose.

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