Sunday, March 29, 2009

CQ Swirl - Before & After

Okay so you've all suffered through all my recent text ... and about time you got some visuals.

A while back I shared the CQ Swirls that I had been playing with ... one was a BD gift ... and this one you saw as a blank ... so here's the before & after pics to show how it finished up.

While I'm entirely certain that I have enough thread to stitch for years ... I stopped into The Art of Fabric shop here recently ... and decided that I needed some new colours of PCR ... and used two of them here...the turquoise shade is called Happiness Green (tho it doesn't look green at all it is an awesomely lovely colour) and Seafoam ... that lighter green ... another happy colour! The other one I got was Black ... thinking wrought iron work there!


Linda H said...

Just curious Marie- what do you pay for a spool of PCR? I only have one source here, and the prices in her shop, on everything, are high.. PCR is around $8.00. Is that about what you pay?
Your swirl piece is lovely... I love the sheen of the PCR...

Debbie said...

I love the way you executed the swirl technique, Marie. Looks great. It's interesting how the last seam treatment changes the whole look.

Marie Alton said...

Hi Linda ... Their price is actually $6.60. They also carry Jeans Stitch, Candlelight, and Metallic (some as much as $11).

Hi Debbie ... I realized after I scanned the pic that I didn't remember to rotate the done patch to the same angle of the blank ... but I was thinking the angle of the finished one was more conducive of the swirl. Not sure which one you're referring to as the last one ... do you mean the bottom?

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