Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Denim Pillow - Middle

I had to work this past weekend & it was nice to see it quite busy ... but the busier it gets ... the more exhausted I end up ... so sporadic posting may result. I'm finally off today so here's the next section.
Looking at the pics brings to mind that a lot of what I stitched was experimental ... things I hadn't tried before and things that were new to me ... like needle tatting. I spent several months focused on that alone ... and ended up with lots of medallions & edging bits in a variety of threads to see how each performed ... I see silk & variegated cotton here ... and I think I used some Jeans Stitch on a few.
One effect that I liked was the lacy-looking seam on the upper left corner of the fourth pic...it was simply an arrangement of long Lazy Daisy & straight stitches that formed a half wheel then detached buttonhole over the top row.
I tend to forget about adding lace into seams when I'm composing the block so add things on in the embellishment process to compensate.
I reposted the Paisley pic in it's position on the pillow.

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