Wednesday, March 11, 2009

First Paisley Done

So here's the first of the Paisley bits that I have been working on. This is close to actual size...but if you click on'll enlarge for more detail.

Starting from the outside edge ... I did the outline in chain stitch and then did the outer border with detatched buttonhole with Pearl Crown Rayon in Light Fuchsia. Inside the border I added a row of pink bugles alternated with gold metallic seed beads...then picked up more of same to do the points. Next to these I worked a row of straight stitches (PCR - Lavender) then worked detatched buttonhole over them. The next row has more of the pink bugles alternated with purple 8/0 metallic beads.

I was almost going to stop the black centre kinda looked cool...but then decided to enhance it with a bit of Kreinik gold I formed a web of sorts ... ending up with an odd number of spokes ... then wove over/under (a la Spider Web Rose) and formed the eye.

Not too pleased with how it turned out. Next one I'm going to do is on ivory duppioni in shades of green and something...will see where it takes me!
I've also been taking my Drag Bag to work and adding to it during the spare time I usually have over my dinner it's coming along slowly. Nothing to show on it yet.
Have a great day!


Linda H said...

Oooh, I lOVE it, Marie!! Don't you love working with Pearl Crown Rayon? It's the only Rayon thread I really like...

Marie Alton said...

Hi Linda ... thanks! I do love working with PCR ... tho I've tried a lot of EdMar threads too (but find you have to moisten & tame them before using) and DMC rayon floss...but always gravitate back to PCR because it works perfect every time.

black bear cabin said...

very pretty...i love paisleys!

MichelleMermaid said...

It's beautiful Marie! I love the colors and all the texture. You know a big fat bead spider would look really cool in that center...:)

Kathy said...

Love the paisley. Never used Pearl Crown Rayon but have tried Edmar and find it difficult to work with.

Marie Alton said...

Hi Lisa...thanks...they are quite addictive and challenging.

Hey Michelle ... funny but spiders rarely make appearances on my work...unless I'm doing a full-blown which case it is almost a given.

Kathy ... Pearl Crown Rayon ... you really ought to try it. You'd find it an absolute pleasure to work with. It consistenly gives awesome finished effects ... and doesn't give any difficulties that other rayons do.The trick with the others is to dampen first and stretch them out...then they behave just fine ... but PCR doesn't need just works...and that's why I choose it first over other stuff.

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