Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patties!

I personally dont have an Irish bone in my body ... but as they say ... "Today the whole world is Irish!" ... and I was reminded of that today by a sweet elderly gal with a genuine Irish lilt!

I was on cash today for the morning ... and she and her husband came through my line just before lunch ... and she very directly said to me "Happy St. Patties to you!" "Oh yes" I said ... it is St. Pat's isn't it...but I'm not Irish!" "Well you are today my girl" she said ... so I just smiled & wished her a Happy St. Patties too!

Truth be told ... my kids have some Irish blood ... Paul's Mom was a Flynn ... so I guess that makes them 1/4 Irish. Tonight they were more Ukrainian though ... we had Perogies for dinner!

Happy Birthday to my BIL Patrick ... who was born on this day.

I've finished up another Paisley tonight ... and not really motivated to start something new so decided I'd partake in a traditional Irish pastime...and have a beer! It ain't Guiness ... but give me a good ol' Canadian any day!

So ... here's to all my Irish friends out there ... Happy St. Patties!

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Linda H said...

Marie, your paisleys are wonderful! I love them.
I seem to have one blog problem straightened out. Thanks for your advice.
And Happy St. Patties to you too!

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