Thursday, March 19, 2009

Here's Something Different ... Selvage Art!

I was clicking around my fave blogs recently and Debbie in Jerusalem had a bit about collecting selvages ... and a link to a site featuring work using I went to have a look.

I was quite intrigued by these pieces ... all created by working the selvage sections into the whole and this artform seems to have quite a following. Check it out!


GailM. said...

I to was intrigued by the Selvage blog. I woke up one night and thought, I've just got to try. And I did. The selvage blog now features my first piece, the cat mat!! I've made a few pieces since, but I've run out of selvages. Now I'm in collecting mode.

Selvage Quilter said...

Thanks for mentioning my Selvage blog. If you make something with selvages, be sure to email a photo to so it can be added to all the other cool stuff there. It's more fun than you'd probably expect!

Marie Alton said...

Gail ... Hi ... I saw your Cat Mat!
When I read the info on it I realized that you're Gail M from NB and friends with Linda H...right?

Hmmm I just had a thought. My sis Cathy is a seamstress...has gobs of fabric...I must tell her about this and see if she has any to contribute...not to while I think it's cool...I already have way more than enough ideas to keep me busy...but am sure some of you out there would be takers. Will follow up on that later.

Karen ... I loved the different projects that you shared on your blog. Really unique stuff ... and I'm always happy to share new finds with my stitching friends!

While I have an old Singer machine
it gathers dust for the most part because I do mostly hand stitching.
I only pull it out for the odd project ... like sewing pillows together.

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