Sunday, March 15, 2009

Paisley # 2

I finished up my second paisley yesterday ... and am now on to a third ... but this time I'm downsizing a bit. These first two measure 2-3/4" long ... the next one will be 2-1/4" and have another that is 2" . I am also toying with a butterfly idea ... and a few other shapes for these beaded / stitched embellishments...because I still don't have any projects beckoning me!

For this one I started with YLI Silk 30 and did a chain stitch outline ... whip stitched that ... then used PCR to do the Cast-on Stitch scallops around the perimeter. Next I added a row of ivory seed beads and worked loops into the base row & added a green rochaille in the centre ... stitched bullion curves around these followed by a row of the same green beads around them. In the centre space I added loops of the ivory seed beads enhanced with some gold colonial knots for a bit of depth...I wasn't completely thrilled with how it turned out ... but it looks all right.
Must run ... all that playing yesterday has left me with a list of things that still need to get done.


Gwen Buchanan said...

I love paisleys Marie.. and you have created a beauty!!

and a butterfly with your colored beadwork would be so much fun.. Can't wait to see the next ideas that flow out of your mind!!

Kathy said...

Once again, very pretty. I adore the scalloped edge. I will have to do some searching to find PCR thread.

MichelleMermaid said...

Hi Marie! Your paisleys are lovely. I've been working on a few myself and some of the goodies you sent me may just find their way onto some new paisleys! Thank you so much! I will enjoy using these items. Love the beadwork pieces!!
Thanks again!

Marie Alton said...

Hi Gwen ... ideas flowing ... only hard to decide what to do first ... so paisleys are working so I'm blasting away! Glad you enjoy them ... and the butterfly is the wings!

Kathy ... Thanks ... I love the scallop edge too and you must try some PCR ... it is so perfect for these.

Dakotah ... glad to see your goodies arrived safe & sound! I'm sure you will have a blast using them on some projects & look forward to seeing your new creations!

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