Thursday, March 19, 2009

Show & Share - Denim Pillow

I've been meaning to do this for a while ... to get this piece scanned. I knew it was going to take some time ... as it's big ... and 16 scans later I managed to get most of it.

I know I mentioned it some time ago ... this pillow. I wanted to make a floor accommodate one of the many gamers who frequent our place & crowd around the TV...often there are so many of them that one body ends up on the all of the seats are odd one out at least doesn't end up with a "numb butt"... and can play in comfort.

What I didn't think about when I began it ... is how long it'd take & challenging a project it would be to stitch ... but I loved it once it was done ... and it's a fabulously functional piece. It probably could use a wash ... as it's getting a bit dingy ... but oh well ... I'll add that to my Spring Cleaning list of things to do!

As I've done in past ... I'll share this in bits & then show a pic of the whole at the end ... only I won't show just one section at a time...but consecutive sections....right...middle and left.

I wanted to start with this one as an intro ... because it follows with what I've been stitching lately ... Paisleys! When I look at them now ... they seem really wonky ... or they have character ... you decide!

Either way ... I stitched them on the centre patch.....all in Pearl Crown Rayon.



Gwen Buchanan said...

I'm glad you are showing your work and letting people know how long it takes to create this beautiful textile design...many do not know the steps needed to finish such projects.. they are labors of love for sure...

MichelleMermaid said...

Hi Marie!
Nice paisleys! They definitely have character!
Any trepidation about washing the pillow? I've never washed any of my cq work before. Of course I don't have much either.

Marie Alton said...

Gwen ... Ya got that right! This one was more like Hard Labour! I tried hard to avoid spots where the denim would have multiple layers ... and had to resort to the aid of pliers in some spots.
All in all it was worth it. I had originally intended to make a pair ... but one was enough to make me change my mind.

Dakotah ... I did try to use stuff that I was sure would be okay to wash ... there is minimal metallic thread on it ... and some beading but I think it'd do fine on a short cycle and then just hang it to air dry.

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