Sunday, March 29, 2009

UWO Gave Their All ... But UNB Victorious!

Wow ... it was such an exciting game! Western came back from a 2-0 deficit to tie it ... and with only a few minutes left ... UNB went ahead by one. Western pulled their goalie for a man advantage hoping to tie it up & go into overtime ... but it backfired and UNB scored on the empty net ... and that was the game!

Chris took a bad hit on the boards early in the third ... and we thought he was going to be done as he twisted his right knee ... but he managed to get off the ice under his own power & after being checked out was back in the game a few minutes later.

We were so hoping that they'd win ... which would have been awesome ... as this is his final year. It would have been an amazing feat ... as their team has more freshmen than seasoned players. UNB just had a bit more something ... perhaps the experience of being in the last 3 finals ... and the sting of losing out last year made them want it badly ... whatever it was it was enough to be victorious.

We are so proud of Chris and his team making it to the finals ... they played an awesome game.


GailM. said...

We're from Fredericton and the folks from there are so pleased with UNB. My brother in law watched the game on TV and he said it was so exciting. We didn't get to watch it cause we're still south! They don't show hockey very much. They've never even heard of curling either.

Marie Alton said...

Hi Gail ... It sure was an exciting game! Funny how the south isn't in for hockey much ... guess they like the hot (which rinks aren't).

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