Monday, March 9, 2009

Well ... It Worked for Jo ... So...

I thought with having a weekend off that I'd get a lot accomplished ... stitching wise anyways ... but the inspiration just didn't seem to be there for me. I did try and I did stitch but just seemed to fall short...stuff just didn't seem to work out like it was supposed to.

Jo had the same problem recently ... she's been missing her mojo...and turned to other distractions to help in the creative process. She's been playing with Paisleys ... beading up a storm ... and creating some pretty cool stuff. So I thought I'd try this distraction too ... and followed suit by playing with some Paisleys of my own.

I've done a few of them before ... but they were mostly stitchery ... this time I added some bead work to one ... just to see how it'd work out...and damned if it didn't start looking pretty cool.

I was disappointed that the projects I wanted to do came up short ... but a non-project did help to distract me from the missing something...and came up with a different focus that turned out.

I haven't quite finished to the point of being able to share ... but soon I'm sure.

Thanks Jo for the inspiration!


Jo in NZ said...

You're welcome Marie. Though, to be honest, I am struggling with the paisleys to, and still no urge to pick up other projects...sigh...

Marie Alton said...

Isn't that annoying??? I have three or four things in various stages and just no gumption to work on them! Oh well ... give it more time I guess...and continue to be distracted. At least that is keeping me busy.

Maybe your Paisley creativity is drained now too? ... time for another diversion...tatting or something else?

I was almost gonna try a small needle lace piece until I realized I had some Heat "N Bond for the if'n I run out of steam on them ... I have it ready to go!

MichelleMermaid said...

Hi Marie...and Jo. :). Can't wait to see your work Marie. I just know they are gorgeous.
I've made a few paisleys but need to do more for the swap and to try color combos. Mine aren't nearly as fab as Jo's, but I figure I get an A for effort! :)

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