Thursday, April 16, 2009

Amy's Ride ... Update & Grand Prize Draw

I had a short visit with Amy this past weekend & she plans to do a "warm up" ride the weekend before the big event ... the Ride for Heart ... and has opted to do a 50K ride! Awesome! What a trooper!

The first 30 are now posted ... & I have finished another 20 pieces which I'll get scanned in and posted soon ... thus bringing the total number of "Beady Bits" to 50!

I'm hoping that all of these will be claimed ... which would mean around $250 from the event and would equal my personal donation ... bringing the total to $500.

I see we're off to a slow start ... so here's more incentive!

On June 1st ... I'll be doing a draw!

Each Beady Bit purchase will gain you one entry to the Lucky Tin ... so your odds increase when you claim multiples!

The Grand Prize will be one of my original creations ... & a copy of the magazine it was published in!

Yup ... that's right ... you heard me ... the original & the mag!

This is a rare opportunity ... a once in a lifetime thing ... so don't miss out!


Cathy K said...

I love your fobs and will buy one.... just can't decide. Do you have a red or pink pretzel heart?? Good luck, Cathy

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I just 'ordered' one, but am waiting to see if perhaps there might be an orange one in your next lot before I decide on my second one! You're such a sweetie for doing this and quite obviously the best aunt ever.

Marie Alton said...

Hi Cathy ... Thanks!
I think there's 2 pink Prtzels ... one Light & one Fuschia Metallic.

Hey MA ...Sorry to say no orange. I didn't have any in my stash ... but there are some different ones in the second batch.

I'm totally spent from all this reorganizing...but am please that the basement is now soooo in order!
With everyone waiting to see more, I think this evening I'll go up and sit on my butt & scan,scan,scan!

Marie Alton said...

PS ... MA ... doesn't look good for that road trip. I still have lots I wanted to get done ... and am down to my last two days! The time just flew by!

Will try for another time.

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