Friday, April 10, 2009

Amy's Ride

So ... I know you've all been patiently waiting to find out what I've been planning ... and I'm finally ready to share.

I mentioned recently about my deliberations regarding my artistic direction ... and while playing around with some marketable ideas ... a greater purpose came to mind ... and I have decided to commit my creative energies to a specific event ... The Ride to Conquer Cancer!

My dear neice Amy is participating with a team this year ... they call themselves Angels Watching Over Us ... and they will be riding 200K ... from Toronto to Niagara Falls!

I felt it was a big enough event to warrant a whole new blog ... so I've got it all set up ... and shared a background story ... and some pics.

But before you go racing over there expecting to see my creations I want to say:

I'll post them on Easter Monday.

For now what I'd like to do ... is share the inspiration that led me to this commitment.

I'm hoping that by Monday many of you regular visitors will have seen it ... before it gets buried in the barrage of 30 posts which will show the creations.

There is strength in numbers ... and I want to add that you may feel free to mention/link to Amy's Ride in your own blogs!

Thank you all ... in advance for your support!

Love & Hugs ... Marie


Linda H said...

Count me in Marie, I'll be ordering one as soon as I see them. I have a very close friend who is dying of cancer, so it's a cause dear to my heart. We lived together, taught together , travelled together...It's really tough yes, i'll be one of your first "orders".. can't wait to see them on Monday.. Best of Luck to Amy...

Marie Alton said...

Thanks Linda! It's a sad thing to share...and something we who have experienced have in common. I know there are many more out there who are in our boat ... and while there's lots of room in it...doesn't make us feel any better.

Here's to all kindred spirits!

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