Saturday, April 18, 2009

Blueberries, Cranberries, Almonds & Macadamias?

Well ... that's kinda what it reminded me of!

I can see that without visuals that this will require some explanation.

I rediscovered some things during my clean-up that I totally forgot about ... like a bunch of wooden beads left over from way old macrame projects.

I was almost gonna pitch them out when a wee voice said "Nooo .... you can make something with these!" There's that damned pack rat talking again!

So any way ... I decided to play with them to see just what they could become.....and damned if they didn't turn into a trivet!

Okay ..... pop quiz .....who knows what a trivet is???

Yup ... it's a thing you put under hot plates/bowls so that the heat doesn't damage the surface beneath. While a good old pot holder or oven mitt would suffice...trivets are special ... decorative.

It took some big wire ... 20 gauge ... and a pair of pliers to manage it , but the finished piece turned out way cool ...and will share when I get it scanned in.....likely tomorrow!


Rissa said...

Wooden macrame beads are also good for stumpwork! :-) I don't have to use trivets anymore, all of my counters are tile and impervious to heat. LOL

Marie Alton said...

Hi Rissa ... I still have to use things on my counters ... usually just toss an oven mitt on the counter or use a board...but these are far prettier.

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