Thursday, April 2, 2009

Denim Pillow - Left

Here's the rest of it ... as mentioned before ... that PCR yellow cross-stitch flower row can be seen here in the 3rd & 4th pics ... as well as a tatted piece that worked out pretty neat ... the white/red/green variegated thread repeated over sections so that the same colours came together opposite each other. On the last pic bottom left corner I had fun with a "string art" technique ... remember those kits that used to be available ... where you formed a pattern by stringing thread around nails??? This reminded me of that ... only I simply anchored the thread through the fabric in the geometric design.
Will try to get Mel to do the full pillow shot for me today ... both of them are excused from classes because the Grade 10s have their EQAO Literacy Test today.

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crazyQstitcher said...

Simply Beautiful - Beautifully Simple.

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