Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I've Been Spring Cleaning!

I actually got a lot accomplished today ... in my quest to declutter!
My goal was to make my ironing board flat ... and tuck it away neatly.

If I had taken before and after pics ... it would be quite obvious why this was no small task ... and why it took me the better part of two days to do! It had become stacked with so much stuff that I couldn't use it for it's intended purpose ... as an ironing board. Not to menion all the other stuff that was cluttered around it.

Okay ... so I'm a self-confessed pack rat. But sometimes ya just gotta purge! Funny thing is you feel so good after you get rid of all that stuff that has been sucking up space with no purpose ... clothes that kids had outgrown years ago ... useless stuff that you wonder now why you even kept. The bonus is that now you know where everything is again.

I"m proud to say that out of all the stuff that I disposed of ... most of it has been recycled ... including an old printer and two old scanners. I only put one bag out as actual trash.

So now I have a flat ironing board ... and am pretty well tuckered out.

Tomorrow I tackle the other half of the basement...which will prove to be more of a challenge....'cause that's where all the fishing tackle lives ... and I don't think my purging will be so successful....but the other crap around it will be my goal.

Some vacation! Oh well ... I know I'll feel good when it's done...and will be pleased that I've gottten my stash straight. Whether that inspires DH to clean up his act ... remains to be seen.

'Nite all!


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Spring CLeaning? Nooooooo....tell me those words don't exist!

MichelleMermaid said...

Hi Marie,
Good luck with all your cleaning. Sounds like it's going great so far. You will feel so good to get it all cleaned up.
I have issues with clutter, myself, and today's my day off. I've decided to tackle something, but not sure what...maybe my bedroom. Not too much clutter there, but dust bunnies galore. It needs a good clean. And the craft room needs some sorting too.
Well, time to get busy. :)

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