Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I Have New Neighbours!

My brother just aquired a spot here in the co-op! (The why of it is a whole story that I won't get into here.)

It's been a busy week for my neice (Amy)& nephew (Chris) getting their Dad relocated....which is no small feat to accomplish for someone who has been in the same place for eons! ... and add to that one kid coming home from college ... then having to prep said old residence to accommodate a new tenant!

This "rental" option for the old place actually made a lot of sense...as it will be an easier task for the renter...it comes with appliances...as well as less for both parties to deal with.

It'll be cool having more family around ... my Dad always encouraged us keeping close...I'm sure he's smilin' in that better place...and I know my Mom will be able to come out more often shaving three hours off the travel time !

Speaking of Mom ... I don't think that I had mentioned anywhere in the Amy's Ride blog ... that my dear Mom is a cancer survivor ... 15 years ... and that's another reason my dedication to support Amy is so strong ... it can be beaten sometimes ... and I'm so glad that it can.

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