Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thank God It's Friday!

Well it isn't officially yet ... but close enough ... and I am off for a breather before the weekend.

Man ... I swear this has been a weird week ... still reeling from all of it ... just shakin' my head at and fluffing off all the strange humans I've had to contend with this week.

99% of people are relatively normal ... but that 1% ... really make me wonder. They're the ones who think that rules don't apply to them ... or that it is okay to verbally abuse retail staff ... and they seemed to be out in force this week. And it's not just me ... other managers I've shared experiences with told me the same ... we are all getting them.

Be a duck ... let it roll off like water! God knows there will be more next week!

So ... with a reprieve I will plan to plant some seeds and play in dirt on own kind of therapy.

Last weekend when I was off ... I split up some Hostas & planted them in my brother's front box bed ... and then the rain came and helped them get vibrant! He appreciated my efforts in beautifying his front it was worth the effort.

I also spruced up my next-door neighbours bed with some dirt and a few Impatience. She's not been well this past year ... battling cancer ... so I thought I'd put in the effort that she isn't up to & add my left over plants to her flower bed.

Well ... I'm pluggin' into tunes and enjoying a few beers tonight to unwind. Plan to post more until then.

Later! Marie


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Hmmm...makes one wonder if it's a full moon? That always seems to bring the loonies out in force. Enjoy your time off.

black bear cabin said...

i worked in retail and the restaurant industry for i am very familiar with what you are talking about! when folks get like that now, i just laugh at them and kill them with kindness (it either pisses them off or makes them realize just how lame they are being!) :)
lifes too short to get bunched in a wad over nothing!
Planting flowers in your neighbors yard was a wonderful way to end the day...of course the beers sound good to :)
hang in there!

Marie Alton said...

Hey MA!
Funny ... but that's the first thing I wondered but it's only half so far ... the best is yet to come ... they do get weirder the closer the full moon gets!

Lisa ... thanks ... glad to know it's the same everywhere! Sometimes there's just no accounting for people's behavior.
It's always therapeutic to get close to nature and forget all the crap! Comfortably numb helps to wash it away too!

FredaB said...

Hi Marie

I think the best therapy in the world is to get out and dig in the dirt and plant flowers, move flowers or just sit and look at them. Nothing like a garden to get your mind off things.

Something only another Canadian would know about but my second name is Marie and I was named after one of the Dionne quints. Just a little bit of trivia.



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