Monday, May 18, 2009

Time Sure Flies!

OMG ... has it been a whole week?

That's how it goes for me in the spring ... work is busier ... and then there's all these gardens here that I have to deal with ... only managed to get to my own and two of the ten co-op beds so far ... I'm leary to do more than I feel I can manage ... 'cause this time last year I put my back out trying to do too much ... and lately even with the little I've done it is not feeling that great. Last thing I want to do is spend two days flat on it because I thought I was Superwoman!

It was a pleasant surprise to see that someone beat me to the spring cleanup in the big corner bed ... all the winter kill was removed ... so all I had to do was turn the soil a bit ... which was still a two-hour job ... but much easier than I was prepared for.

Another pleasant surprise was the bed by the office ... there the yellow tulips have been multiplying and were very prolific this year. Last season some miserable children snapped off all the flower heads ... I was so upset!
Glad to see that they came up so lovely this year.

My backyard is awash with blue ... Forget-me-nots everywhere! They are mixed with those yellow dandelions ... which I am slowly digging out. Always feels like a losing battle ... because even tho I rid my yard ... the back field is overwhelmed with them ... so they're bound to reseed quickly.

Ahhh ... finally ... Victoria Day weekend ... two days off to catch up. It typically tends to be cold and rainy on the Holiday Monday...for a change this year it is expected to be sunny but cool! That to me is great gardening weather!

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