Sunday, June 21, 2009

Beads...Crochet & Other Stuff

I discovered that I had a lot more of those wooden beads ... a whole pickle jar full ... so felt compelled to play with them! I created a couple more "useful" objects ... a bread basket and a napkin holder with the "almonds & Macadamias". I'm happy with the results...and will see if Mel will snap some pics so I can show you all.

I'm progressing on the two baby blankets that I've been crocheting ... and also pleased with how they're coming along. Will share pics when done.

I was off on Friday (because I had to work today to cover for Cash Office staff who both had weddings to attend) and spent some time visiting with my brother. He got this idea in his head that he wanted to make a roaster full of cabbage rolls ... and I was going to help him out by supplying a roaster (which he didn't seem to find after the move) and the other ingredients he needed ... but was shocked when I went to get the cabbage! Seems this last seasons yield (due to bad weather) produced a smaller than usual crop and the price was outrageous! Needless to say he put plans on hold ... $2 a head for a softball-sized cabbage was just not conducive to making a batch just now.

Fathers Day today (officially) and the kids & I deliberated on what Dad might want (not that he specifically needs anything ) ... but we decided to enhance his (our) backyard experience by getting a new patio set ... a small table, umbrella and base.

The other option was a 16-space rod holder carousel ... which also would have been a great gift ... but would have meant a cross-town trip to Bass Pro Shop ... on a Friday afternoon ... dealing with weekend cottager traffic ...which I wasn't really up for ... so we'll plan on that for his BD in August instead.

Hope your "Dads" enjoy their special day !


Debbie said...

Pictures, pictures, we want pictures!

Check out the latest entry to my blog, Marie. I was given the Kreativ Blogger award last week and you are one of the seven that I chose to pass it on to. Have fun!

Marie Alton said...

Hi Debbie ... will share pics when I can get DD to snap some.

Thanks for adding me as a link on the Kreative Blogger award!

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