Friday, August 7, 2009

And Here's The Visuals!

These are the two pieces I mentioned in my last post ... the booklet is called Old and New Favorites ... Coats & Clark ... 1954.

See what I mean?

Isn't this elegant?

I'm trying to imagine this in the colours they indicated ... but love the design regardless.

This is so very '50s ... and while it's not the kind of thing that anyone would wear these days ... was an elegant set in it's day.


craftydiane said...

I love the butterflies! Do you happen to have the pattern for them? I would love to just crochet the butterfly.
Have a Blessed Day,

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Beautiful! I love the old patterns & am constantly on the search for books that have old embroidery stitches. Sounds like you hit a jackpot! (Is there any chance you might post a few more pics??)

Marie Alton said...

Hi Diane ... yes the complete pattern is in the book ... and I could probably scan it in then turn it into a PDF file ... but unfortunately I don't have time for that just now...but leave it with me ... and will see if I can't manage to do that when I'm on holidays ... later this month.

MA ... OH BOY ... you know it! I totally felt like a kid at Christmas as I pooured through them!

Will try to share more pics soon.

Hugs ... Marie

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