Friday, August 7, 2009

A Bag of Treasures !

I just got back from a visit with my sister Cate. Hadn't chatted in a while ... so went down the road to have tea with her and catch up.

I took my Drag Bag to show her ... she's had the priviledge of following my progress in person ... and wanted to share my recent additions.

As I was on my way out ... she told me to wait ... that she had presents for me. She proceeded to bring out some things that she was forwarding from my Mom and another sis Nadine.

First she gave me a tall narrow box ... and I was thrilled to see it was a Water Globe! You may have seen commercials on TV about these hand-blown glass balls that you fill with water and insert into a plant ... and it waters the plant for you. I've been wanting to get a few ... we have them at the store ... and it was a fabulous surprise that Mom sent me one!

However ... the other present is the one that just blew me away!

She proceeded to pulling out the contents of a plastic bag ... which contained a whole slew of pattern books! To my shock, amazement and sheer delight ..... they are oldies ..... and awesome! I'm not exactly sure where they came from ... but I think she must have gotten them from one of my grandmothers.

I checked out the publication dates ... the oldest two booklets were printed in 1946 ..... and the more recent were from the '70s !

Afghans ... doilies ... sweaters for all ages ... socks ... mitts ... tea cozies ... crocheted animals ... purses ... edgings (including filagree church patterns) ... all just so artistically awesome that I was entirely mesmorized!

I'm certainly going to have to scan in and share one that entirely took my breath away! It was by Coats & Clark ... published in 1954 (heck the book is older than me ... and cost a whole .10 cents!) ... called "Summer Garden".

With directions given for a dinner plate, luncheon plate, and coaster sizes ... it is a ring of butterflies framing an organdy fabric. The picture is in black & white ... but the threads called for are blue, a lemon/pink mix and shaded light yellows....on yellow organdy fabric.

I'm doubtful that I could even find those threads these days ... but am thinking even basic white or ecru would work ... with beautiful results. I'm so tempted to give it a shot!

And how cool is this? ... on the opposite page there is a pattern for a Hat & Gloves set ... the description reads ... "Gay Butterflies with a Flair for Fashion". The butterflies adorn the wrist of the gloves ... and motifs are appliqued on the hat ... in your choice of white, ecru, or cream!

The pictures will save me a thousand words.

I may just have some time in the morning to scan these in to share ... but for now it's time to get horizontal. Just too much excitement for one night! Need my beauty sleep dontcha know!

Until then ...

Hugs ... Marie


black bear cabin said...

what a wonderful score! i look forward to seeing what you create :)

Marie Alton said...

Hi Lisa ... I love these old patterns ... from the days when all kinds of stitching were considered fundamental ... and the artistry that went into them was so awesome! I plan to go through them again and again ... and yes might tackle one or two ... or more! I've never made knitted socks before ... and would love to try a pair.....and those wee butterflies ... I sooo wanna do them.

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