Friday, August 28, 2009

Blast From The Past - Sophie Gelfi

Quilting Arts Magazine ... Spring/Summer 2001 ... the very issue that introduced the Melanie Rose to the world ... also did a feature article showcasing the work of an "avant garde" textile artist from France ... Sophie Gelfi.

Those of you who have been around since then ... and have seen the issue ... will know what I'm talking about! Her work is totally awesome ... her colour sense and stitching talent simply fascinate.

Although Crazy Quilting had become her passion then ... prior to this she spent several years as a designer for a major yarn manufacturer ... and turned out over 150 knitted & crocheted patterns that were published by them! Stunning ... must see stuff ... and she has pics up on her blog!

A girl after my own heart .... as I too went through a period of time when I designed a line of one-of-a-kind pieces that I sold at a friend's shop down in Queen West Village in Toronto! Of course ... I didn't have the presence of mind to take pics of these back then ..... boy do I wish now that I had ... they were some of my best creations ever!

Recently on one of the lists ... someone posted a link to her blog ... where Sophie had a link to a spread done in Magic Patch magazine ... which featured several of her projects ... complete with block maps and details of the stitching. It is written in French ... and even if you don't understand the text ... the eye candy speaks for itself!

I'm not sure when the magazine was published but apparently it is difficult to find these days ... and due to high demand ... Sophie posted it to see!

Drop dead gorgeous pieces of art!

She is one of my absolute favourite artists ... and glad to have found her again!


Maria Grazia said...

What a pity that now Sophie does not do crazy quilting any more, I read that she opened a bijoux shop in Clermont Ferrand. Some years ago I took a class from her in La Bourboule and I went there from Rome in Italy. I love her works!
Maria Grazia

Aida Costa said...

I found that article too - isn't that tablecloth gorgeous??? I loooooove Sophie work (ever since that Quilting Arts feature!)

Not sure what Maria means that Sohpie doesn't do CQ anymore? She still does, but she has certainly branched out into jewelery as well as running a fibrearts supply business.

Anyhooo, we obviously have very similar taste in artwork, too! :D

Bear said...

Hello again
I found Sophies blog the other week by chance and having looked at her magical work yet again decided to subscribe to her feed and low and behold today through her blog I found you again I would be surprised if you remeber me at all but I was on many of the same lists as you back when Sophie was Discovered thank you for the memories
Belinda Sweeney AKA Bear xoxoxoxoxo

Marie Alton said...

Hi All ... I actually did touch base with Sophie and she is totally focused on her jewellry creations these days.

I know that happens to we artistic types ... immersing oneself in one medium for the longest time & then finding another thing to be consumed by! Been there ...done that ... several times!

Maria ... I'm jealous! Fabulous that you were fortunate to take a class in La Bourboule!

Aida ... sounds like she is currently consumed by jewellry ... and constantly creating items for her shop.

Belinda ... I do remember your name from the lists! Glad to meet you again!

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