Monday, August 17, 2009

Do You Remember Spandau Ballet? Boy George?

My search for more 80's music has led me on a mad quest!

I remembered a title ... True ... but couldn't remember the band ... until I searched it ... and yes! ... found what I wanted ... it was Spandau Ballet! Awesome to find that they are still alive & well ... and touring in Britain / Ireland / Scotland this year!

They were a fabulous band back then! ... I forgot how good until I checked out all the songs listed and began to recall how many hits they had!

And in my travels stumbled across a great source for 80's stuff ... a blog called Lost in the 80's ... which gives great info and YouTube links to videos from that time period. Great stuff!

Discovered a whole list of bands that I will be searching (or have already searched) and am sure will find even more great tunes to add to the Playlist.

Like Boy George & Culture Club! How about Billy Idol? The Cars? Cindy Lauper?

Ahhh ..... to be 20 something again ..... these songs can do that for me!


Jo in NZ said...

I just saw a CD advertised this evening Marie that was all 80s hits. My first thought...I have to have it!

Marie Alton said...

Hi Jo ... I personally love the whole Playlist thing ... about the only time I get to plug into tunes is when I'm at the computer ... although I always have a CD in the car.

Unlike the kids who must have a fully loaded Ipod ... I'm okay with just having it someplace I can hear it ... and don't need it all to hog space on my box.

Feel free to check out List 3 & 4 ... yes 4 ... found a bunch more coolness today! How could I have forgotten Brian Ferry & Roxy Music ... and Depeche Mode ???

Feels lke heaven ... oh and I found that too! ... from Fiction Factory ... one of those "one-hit-wonder" bands.

black bear cabin said...

how fun...i look forward to checking out the link you provided! i was a big concert goer in the 80's...
the Clash
Oingo Boingo
Flock of Seagulls
Adam Ant
Wall of Voodoo...
just to name a few of the top of my head :)
yup....i was definitely an 80's chick :)
Thanks for the memories!

Marie Alton said...

Hi Lisa
It's amazing how many bands you can forget over the years ... thanks for your list ... Flock of Seagulls ... must check them out. I've found more names on the Lost in the 80's blog ... and added more to the playlist last night!

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