Friday, August 21, 2009

Last Night ... Wierd Weather ... Scarey!

It's all after-the-fact as I tell this ... but that doesn't make the aftermath any less!

There was a very powerful ... albeit short-lived weather front that came through Southern Ontario last night ... here it started with ''blanket" lightening ... the kind created by heat and humidity ... but that was only the first of it ... as it head off east. In very short time ... the sky went almost black ... and then the rain hit ... white rain ... driving horizontally as it came down in sheets with winds blowing at over 80 K ... or 50 mph. We could barely see across the hydro field to the houses behind us. It carried on for about 20 minutes ... then just ended.

But what we found out later ... was that a funnel cloud had actually formed and touched down west of us ... in the Woodbridge area ... near Canada's Wonderland ... and several homes actually had the roofs ripped off ... several barns were destroyed & cars were flung like toys ... many ending upside down miles from where they were picked up!

Paul found a link to first-hand pics taken on camera-phones ... and it was scarey to see video of the funnel cloud and ensueing destruction ..... definitely a rare event in this region.

Afterward things went calm and there was a beautiful sunset ... but this morning the full impact of the strength of it was evident as the news featured footage of the destruction. Like scenes from some Hollywood movie ... so sureal.

I went out this morning to do some errands and noticed that one old tree at the far side of the hydro cut hat been ripped out by the roots and was laying down. Minimal to what I saw in those videos last night ... save for distance ... one wonders how much worse it could have been if that funnel had actually touched down here! Scarey!

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