Sunday, August 2, 2009

Old Music & New Stitching

One of my favourite periods of music ... was the 80's ... new bands with fresh sound ... stuff you heard at clubs and loved! I sat down last night and composed a new Playlist with a whole bunch of songs from that time. Check it out and see if there's some stuff you remember from then.

I've been stitching again ... on my Drag Bag ... and after this last bit it'll be ready to complete. All I'll need to do is add the bottom and lining and then it'll be ready to use. It's been a "work in progress" for almost a year now and I'm looking forward to getting it finished and on to something new.

As to what exactly that will be is as yet not completely decided ... but have been thinking about a couple of different ideas ... will see where my creativity takes me ... sketches have given me some ideas and just waiting for the idea to form.


Lauri said...

I love my 80's music too!!
I don't know why people make fun of it
It was all about having a good time and enjoying life. Most of it make you happy just listening to it, And there was nothing like a power ballad to make out to with your future husband. ROCK ON!!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I don't know if you're aware of this, but 98.3 EZ-Rock radio station out of Toronto plays 80's on Friday & Saturday nights, plus I think on Sundays too. They have a dance floor on top of their building and people go there to dance to the 80s. Fun to listen to!

Aida Costa said...

The Cure, Style Council, The Cult, M + M, Stray Cats and ADAM ANT!!! YAY!!! Can you tell I love the 80's, too? VBG! Most people have never even heard of the Style Council, lol.

Marie Alton said...

Well ... glad to see that I'm not the only one who loves the music from the '80s! Back then I was heavily into the Club scene ... my best friend Sue & I hung out with a band from Ottawa called The Bureaucrats (pun intended) who moved to TO to make it big ... and while they had a cult following ... never did actually get a recording contract ... became an "indie" band ... and recorded their own cassettes. The bass player Grant & I had a thing going for a few years. Ah ... memories!

Funny ... how things go full circle. My DD Melanie is very into music ... especially "indie" bands ... she was actually quite impressed with this playlist when I told her that many of them were "cutting edge" bands...more than 10 years before she was born!

Marie Alton said...

Lauri & Aida ... nice to meet you!

I've added both of your links and will visit your blogs again!

Aida ... I grew up in Mississauga!
Small world.

Hey ... if you think of any other cool '80s bands that I can add to this Playlist ... let me know!

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