Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Road Trip!

Found myself with time (holidays) and blessed with a perfect day to take a road trip!

Lindsay here we come! That's where Mary Anne lives.

I was bound and determined to deliver some things to her ... like her puchases from Amy's Ride and her Grand Prize from the event...which was the original artwork from the Melanie Rose article. She declined the magazine that was supposed to go with ... as she already had it.

It's always so much fun to hook up with MA ... and see her current projects first-hand ... and to share my current projects too ... something always gets lost in the pics! Nothing like having it in your hands to see up close!

For example ... the Exquisite Corpse project...awesome! Got to see the last one that she's working on too ... that will be sent on shortly....that has the previous work covered up so that no-one gets to see the full project until the end reveal! Cool idea....but tricky to add to!

She's also working on a "Doll Challenge" ... metal parts a must ... and a real work of art so far ... can't wait to see the finished piece! But ... ha ... you'll just all have to wait!

She in turn got to check out my Drag Bag up close.

Speaking of which ... what if I changed the Drag part of it to an acronym .....D.R.A.G. Bag ...

What would you think the letters should stand for???

Fun time ... post your acronym as a comment!

Can't wait to see what you all come up with! ... I have a version ... but your input is what I'm lookin' for!


Linda H said...

Well, since I suggested you should find a better name for a piece with so much work put into it, I guess I had better come up with a suggestion... I'm not very good at acronyms, but here's my first effort..."Down Right Awesome and Glorious" Bag..OK, don't laugh..I said I wan't very good at acronyms.. but I'm gonna keep thinkin'.. surely I can come up with something a little better....

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Ok..I'll give it a about "Distinctively Rich And Glamorous' bag? Obviously I need to think longer and harder to come up with something?!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

and...glad to have you stop by and to see the 'Drag Bag' in person. (btw...I very nearly lost my winning picture - one of my friends tried to smuggle it out of the house, thinking she 'needed' it more than I did. Not on your life!!)

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