Tuesday, September 8, 2009

September Update

Yes ... Labour Day is gone and it's back to school today for Melanie and her cousins Emma & Becca! Becca was too excited this morning ... her first day of Grade 9!
Tim is finished now ... and after taking the summer off is focusing on employment prospects ... as he is still undecided on what avenue to persue. He has a various interests ... but nothing particular that he seems compelled by. Perhaps he just needs more time to find that one thing he'll be really ready to channel his efforts into.

To my delight ... he made one giant step in a positive direction last night ... he cut off his long hair & is now looking handsome in a short style! It's so good to see that face again!

His 10" tail will be submitted to the same place that mine & Mel's went ... to make wigs for cancer kids.

Our niece Courtney and her husband Paolo had their first baby on August 20th ... a little girl ... Gabriella Emelia ... sharing a pic of the happy family below. Will share pics of the baby blanket I made for her ... as soon as I can get Mel to send them to me.


black bear cabin said...

lets see some before and after shots of the hair cut! :)
Cute baby...the new parents look thrilled!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Hey, I'm voting for before & after pics of the hair cut too! I want me one of those babies too (only of the 'grand' type).

Marie Alton said...

Yes well ... unlike Mel ... Tim does not much care to have his picture taken ... but I'll see if maybe I can get Mel to sneakily snap a shot of him. Funny how he doesn't seem to mind posing if there is a big fish in front of him! Must be a guy thing!

Stitch said...

Well Ladies ... since it was Aunt Cathy who cut Tim's hair ... MAYBE Aunt Cathy has pictures of his new Doo, eh?

Tim looks so very handsome with beautiful those eyes, and now you can really see how much like his Mother he looks!

Soon as I download them, I'll post them for all to see!

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