Monday, September 14, 2009

Stitching ... But With Yarn

Madly off in all directions I'm afraid!

The Drag Bag has been shelved ( again ) & I find myself creating yet another baby blanket ... as our other niece is now expecting her second.

And ... while recently shopping for back-to-school stuff with Mel ... we saw a lovely sweater that she liked ... which was such a basic design that I suggested I could knit something similar for her no problem. In retrospect ... I just should have paid the $30 and saved myself all the time and aggrevation ... but Noooooo ... decided it could be a birthday gift too.

The yarn was free ... some that my sis had volunteered for the taking ... as she had it given to her and just couldn't seem to be inspired by ... a lovely blue called "Skipper" ... kind of a marine shade. Mel liked it!

So the designer in me modified the pattern ... and away we went. After some initial issues with the fact that I increased my stitch count ... then forgot to make note of this ... I came out with extra stitches at the end. Once I recalcululated ... and ripped back half a round ... it worked out just fine ... and now I'm well into the pattern.

Man ... 6" of K2 P2 ribbing is so tedious ... I was glad to get on to the cables ... which are all done on one round and only every sixth row.

I'm sure there'll be pics when it's done ... but that'll be a couple of months yet.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

You can knit a sweater in a couple of months? Pfft. I used to think I liked you. Only takes me three YEARS!!!!!

Marie Alton said...

Haaaaahaaahaaa! You're funny! I've got the "blinders" on for this one ... with no competing projects ... ya ... it can be done.

I personally prefer to knit "in the round" as opposed to front, back, sleeve, sleeve, collar etc. ... less to sew together ... and even tho it seems to take forever ... twice the work is done in one step ... not to mention that patterning is substantially easier when working on the right side only...especially cables.

Am going to start one sleeve today ... so I can take it to work and get some done during lunch/dinner ... a sleeve is way more portable than the main body.

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