Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The End In Sight

I didn't realize that it's been over two weeks since I've been here ... so much on the go and so much on the horizon ... that I guess I've just been really absorbed in it all.

Mel's sweater is in the final stages...I'm on the big shawl collar now and pecking away at the last third of the second sleeve (at work) ... I'm getting pretty sick of blue right now ... even tho it is my fave ... just looking forward to getting it done and on to other things, I suppose. Glad to say that it is working out as planned ... just hoping at this point that there'll be enough yarn ... it'll be close!

Amidst everything else ... I'm contemplating trying to knit some socks ... something I haven't done before. Paul used to have a pair of great cotton knit ones that he loved ... and hoping I can replicate them ... for Christmas.

November .... OMG ... that's next week! ... and it's a supremely busy month for me ... two birthdays ... Christmas parties for work and the Co-op Board ... and to cap it off ... our store's 10th Anniversary ... then the kick-off to Christmas with the Magic Weekend!

Ya so ... if I'm not around much ... that'll be why!

Tim turns 19 (legal) this year ... and just landed a job on the night crew at our local Zellers! He's always been a nighthawk ... so I'm guessing he'll love working nights. He's already planning what he's gonna buy with all that money! Kids!

It's going to be a great winter indoors ... DH decided not to wait until our old TV died ... (you know it's coming when the thing takes 30 seconds to show you anything) ... so dipped into the savings and scored a great deal on a new 42" Panasonic Viera Plasma Screen! Owwwww! Awesome picture! Been checking out a free trial offer on the HD channels ... and the difference is sooooo incredible! Bring on the movies!

I'll try to have some pics for you soon ... instead of all this boring text. Must request again for those blanket ones Mel took ... she's so forgetful sometimes.

Well must run ... it's getting late!

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