Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Canada!

It's been a busy weekend ... thankful first and formost that I was off ... to enjoy it!
Fall colours right now are really lovely ... we actually had a bit of frost last night ... and that's pretty much done in my impatience baskets.

Spent yesterday baking & cooking ... had my brother over for dinner ... ham & all the trimmings!

Have been knitting away on Melanies sweater ... I'm almost ready to start the armhole shaping ... so moving right along!

I have had a chance to play ... had decided to try out the pattern for that butterfly in the Summer Garden piece that I shared. It was tricky ... especially to work in one colour ... as I had to figure out where to carry on or when to break and restart the thread ... and I used # 30 thread and a larger hook than the original pattern ( # 70 ). I had a hard enough time with my thread ... and think the latter would almost be too fine of work for my hands!

So ... here's the one wing that I've finished!


Pat Winter said...

It is a beautiful perfect wing.Is there anything you can't do? :-)

Marie Alton said...

Thanks Pat!
I do love the shape of it ... but it is actually about the size you see there ... and the whole thing would be so huge. I'm not sure that I'll even finish the thing.

I have this very pretty two-tone blue little butterfly fridge magnet that I picked up years ago which is the perfect size (may scan it in to show) and my designer mind is already focused on that ... in a similar am letting that simmer just now.

There's lots of things I can't do ... like I'm technically challenged with electronics ... cameras and Ipod type things ... and I don't even have a cell I guess my stitching talents kinda make up.

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