Thursday, November 26, 2009

OMG ... It's Almost December!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas ... at the store!

Tomorrow begins our Biggest Best 3-Day Christmas Sale ... all the red & green balloons make the place look so festive!

I have tomorrow off ... and will be there at the crack of dawn Saturday to start the fun!

But tonight I am free and clear ... so thought I'd stop in to catch up & see what's going on.

Melanie's sweater did get done in time for her BD and turned out great ... but pics will be delayed as her camera is broken. It's not even a year old ... and when we took it in to see about getting it fixed ... were told that the damage was not a warrantied repair ... great! Another victim of planned obselecense!

Tim enjoyed turning "legal" on his BD and met his buds at a local pub for some darts, pool & beer ... and actually arrvied home relatively sober. He's also enjoying his new job ... which has afforded him some new video games ... and a new Nintendo Wii ... kids!

Now that birthdays are over ... time to focus on Christmas ... and have started picking up some small stuff. I don't think we're gonna get to crazy this year ... the TV kinda cut into the budget ... so maybe one big thing each ... traditional necessary clothing replenishment and a few surprises ... and that'll be the whole enchillada.

I don't know about you ... but I personally do not need or want for much in the way of gifts ... and am happy just to spend time with family & friends in lieu of stuff ... money wasting stuff. I'd much rather enjoy great food and company & merry-making! That's the best stuff!

Well ... I'll leave you with that ... am off to check out my fave blogs!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lest We Forget

On the 11th day ... of the 11th month ... at the 11th hour ... we pause to pay tribute to those who have fallen ... in the name of freedom.

Remembrance Day ... I've always considered it a form of respect ... to those countless young lives that perished during wars that happened so long ago ... but the truth is ... there are still lives being lost in current conflicts and while the numbers are significantly less ... they are no less painful for their families to endure.

We have always paused at the appropriate time ... at the store ... to give that minute of silence. It's a small thing ... but traditional. Today I was not there at that time, but in my car ... after dropping Mel off at school. I sat listening to "In Flanders Fields" being recited on the radio ... then paused for the minute of silence and thought of those who were there. I cannot fathom the horror of what they must have gone through.

This year though ... there was something new added.

A new song.

I live very close to Highway 401. Some of you may know ... but for those who don't ... it is also known as the Highway of Heroes. Every deceased Canadian soldier who comes home from the Afghanistan conflict takes their last ride in a funeral procession with their family along this highway before being sent to their city or town for burial.

It has become quite a grassroots phenomenon ... just ordinary citizens ... gather on the overpasses to pay their last respects to another fallen soldier. It is never organized ... but has become somewhat ritualistic ... and therein lies the awesome nature of the event. Total strangers honour the young lives cut short by the perils of war ... and the selfless duty that sent them to harm's way.

It is a simple show of support to the families who have lost a loved one ... and it really means a lot to them.

It has become so memorable ... that a group recently got together to commemorate it in song.

Highway of Heroes's called... so fitting. I cried when I heard it.

I thought it was so perfect ... and a glaring reminder that it wasn't just the heroes of the old wars that we remember ... but the ones of today who are still out there now ... perishing to help keep peace alive.

We have always (since I've been at the store) put out boxes of poppies at the cashes for the Royal Canadian Legion. We never have to ask ... people simply take one and drop in their donation. Tradition.

I was quite dismayed this year to hear that some places actually declined to have Legion staff on site to distribute them. To me that is just disrespectful. They should be ashamed!

I've always thought it odd too that some actually have this as a statutory holiday ... while most of us don't. How things change over the years. It should be a solumb day ... not just a solumb moment.

We were incredibly busy today ... as all those people who did have the day off ... decided to go shopping after the memorial services.

Life goes on ... in freeedom.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

And Now To Finish It!

YAY ... I'm so near the end of the sweater! The knitting is done ... now just need to finish it off by inserting the sleeves and tucking in the joining ends!

I had Mel try on the body last night so I could see how the collar was working out ... the body is actually a bit larger than I'd originally planned ... but she is still growing so wanted to make sure it had that accommodation. Nothing worse than spending all that creative time on something that would be outgrown!

We still need to find one special button to cinch up the one collar spot ... but that's minimal.

Now it's on to more K2 P2 rib on those socks I mentioned ... which are not blue!

What a welcome change!

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