Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Busy Little Elf I Am!

So ... getting down to the wire ... only two weeks till Christmas now and am running at a frantic pace. The store is fabulously busy (which is a good thing ... in light of the economy) but I drag my tired self home daily ... then try to squeeze in all the other stuff that needs doing.

Working away at two last minute gifts ... and finished off another ... a crocheted tailored vest & matching cloche for Mel (which was one of those vision things ... saw it in my mind's eye & then just had to make it).

Still working away at a hat for Tim ... who will need some warmth now that his hair is short ... and it's black ... so am sure he'll actually wear it. Also working on the second sock for Paul. This is my first attempt at socks ... and had to modify the pattern to accommodate the cotton yarn / smaller needles that I wanted to use ... all in all turned out okay ... but now can see where I should have modified further. If he likes them ... at least a subsequent pair would work out better.

Have some gifts bought ... and several more to get this week ... but haven't begun to wrap yet. We've decided to keep it lean ... and invest in food and merryment instead of useless frivolities. After all ... that new TV was an expensive early gift for us all! The kids will be happy with cash that they can use to aquire something they want.

This morning we had our first snow ... but it's more like our first slop ... started with rain then snow now more rain ... so it's now slush. It'll be a real mess if it then freezes. I invested in a new scoop-type shovel this year ... ergonomic design that will be easier on the back ... simply push then dump the load by standing it up!

Apologies for the lack of photos ... as I previously mentioned ... Mel's camera is not working ... so maybe will get my sis to take some pics when I can find time to get together with her.....tho I doubt it'll be anytime soon. Christmas ... probably!

So .... are you all ready for the holidays yet? ... or still busy like me?

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Magpie's Mumblings said...

Making the decision not to make all my gifts this year has lifted a huge weight off. I thought I'd be upset, but I'm not! I'm making a denim tote which is the last thing and then just have to wrap.

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