Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy Holidays to All !

Although I may seem a little late with this post ... it was not by my choosing!

We've been having hardware issues .... had to replace the box downstairs ... and at the same time this one was almost maxxed out and not operating properly. Had to wait for Paul to do his magic to get me back on-line ... then when I did try to post a blognote yesterday ... couldn't get in! Sheesh!

No matter ... hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season ... with lots of merryment and special moments ... we did here!

I'm so glad that I survived the week ... tho just barely ... it was exhausting!

I'm doing bead therapy now ... and sipping on brandy ... my fave Christmas treat!

Ohhh ... Santa brought Mel a new camera ... and she says it's so easy to use "even Mom could work it" ... cheeky ... but she's gonna give me a tutorial ... so I'll have stuff to show more often!

Since we've all been experiencing computer withdrawal ... I'll keep this short as I promised Mel I'd be less than 10 mins. ... so she can get back to meebo.

I hope you all have a very Healthy & Happy 2010 !

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black bear cabin said...

Happy Holidays back at ya!!! Welcome back to the internet :)

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