Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Hi All .... yes that'd be me waving to you from up here on Cloud 9 !

I just picked up my copy & artwork from Carla at A Needle Pulling Thread ... and I know that when she handed the issue to me ... my jaw dropped & I gasped ... 'cause right there on the cover ... larger than life ... was my stitching!

The Summer 2009 issue is now up on their web site .... and you can see the cover ! The creative team did an incredible job taking parts of the finished ring pillow and turning it into what you'll see!

For the rest of the article ( it's a full 6-page spread ) ... you'll just have to pick up a copy of the magazine ... or better still to get that subscription now ... oh ... and incidentally ... this issue is also showing on the subscription card insert!

My thanks to John & Carla who did a simply awesome job ... I'm thrilled with it! Just tickled to bits!

Again my thanks goes out to Vikki Clayton of Hand-dyed Fibers ... creator of the fabulous ribbons & threads I used for this piece! I always find inspiration when working with them!

What next you ask??? Well ... there are plans afoot for another contribution in 2010 ... for the Festive Issue which will come out in September ... with all the "giftable" ideas for Christmas.
I promise to make it worth the wait!

Hugs ..... Marie

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pain = Nothing Much Accomplished

I woke up this morning with a very sore right shoulder. I was fine last night when I went to bed ... so all I can attribute it to is doing some weird in my sleep ... or that it was a complication of that and something that I did at work that I didn't realize. Bottom line ... could barely turn my head 90 degrees to the right without wincing in pain.

As usual on my day off ... I had many things planned to accomplish ... but the list was pared down drastically as the pain was just so distracting! Sucks to get old !

Fortunately for me I have a sister who lives very close who just happens to be a RMT ... that stands for Registered Massage Therapist.

Although the sorce of the pain was in my right shoulder ... she started by working on my right foot ... and damned if that didn't start fixing things right away! But after that she worked on the badness in my shoulder and now I am feeling a whole lot better! It still feels tender from all the manipulation but the knots are gone ... and that's a good thing!

Last night was my neice Becca's Grade 8 Graduation ... and as much as I wanted to be there ... I also had to be at a Co-op General Members meeting. Mel took her camera to capture the event ... and I got to see her and her lovely dress ... created by my sis ... before they all headed over. (There will be pics after Mel gets them loaded.)

There was an unforseen last minute crises ... a torn seam ... that Aunt Marie had to whip-stitch closed ... but aside from that she ended up having a wonderful time even though she was fighting a summer cold. Some things just have to be ignored.

Also had a call last night from Carla ... the editor of A Needle Pulling Thread to let me know that the issue is going to be in her hands before the weekend ... and that she wanted to share it with me first-hand.

Unfortunately this is my weekend to work ... so won't be able to hook up with her till Monday ... but that's just fine ... as I start a week of holidays then and will put that at the top of my "To Do" list! Can't wait to see it!

Ohhh ... I've also been presented with a Kreative Blogger award by my friend Debbie in Jerusalem ... which is awesome ... and will post about early next week!

Amy has some pics for me too ... documenting the Ride so will post those as soon as am able.

Okay ... time to get horizontal!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Beads...Crochet & Other Stuff

I discovered that I had a lot more of those wooden beads ... a whole pickle jar full ... so felt compelled to play with them! I created a couple more "useful" objects ... a bread basket and a napkin holder with the "almonds & Macadamias". I'm happy with the results...and will see if Mel will snap some pics so I can show you all.

I'm progressing on the two baby blankets that I've been crocheting ... and also pleased with how they're coming along. Will share pics when done.

I was off on Friday (because I had to work today to cover for Cash Office staff who both had weddings to attend) and spent some time visiting with my brother. He got this idea in his head that he wanted to make a roaster full of cabbage rolls ... and I was going to help him out by supplying a roaster (which he didn't seem to find after the move) and the other ingredients he needed ... but was shocked when I went to get the cabbage! Seems this last seasons yield (due to bad weather) produced a smaller than usual crop and the price was outrageous! Needless to say he put plans on hold ... $2 a head for a softball-sized cabbage was just not conducive to making a batch just now.

Fathers Day today (officially) and the kids & I deliberated on what Dad might want (not that he specifically needs anything ) ... but we decided to enhance his (our) backyard experience by getting a new patio set ... a small table, umbrella and base.

The other option was a 16-space rod holder carousel ... which also would have been a great gift ... but would have meant a cross-town trip to Bass Pro Shop ... on a Friday afternoon ... dealing with weekend cottager traffic ...which I wasn't really up for ... so we'll plan on that for his BD in August instead.

Hope your "Dads" enjoy their special day !

Friday, June 12, 2009

The Big Weekend is Here!

Wow ... so much has been going on ... that it's hard to find time to post!

I haven't done any stitching or beading in the past month ... but did start to crochet a baby blanket! My neice Courtney is now expecting her first child the end of August ... and my neighbour's daughter Jahlide is due with her first next month ... so want to whip one up for her too!

Today Christopher graduates from the University of Western Ontario ... with honours ! I'd have loved to be there ... but unfortunately he's only permitted two guests ... so Amy and Chris's girlfriend Daniella will attend. We are all so very proud of him! Amy will take pics of the event & we'll get to see as soon as she can post them.

She'll have to race back from London after the graduation to get her gear together ... and be ready to start the Ride to Conquer Cancer first thing in the morning! She's so excited ... pumped up ... & has all her riggin' ready to go!

She'll be taking pics of the event and has promised to share ... so will post them as soon as I can.

I'm off today before having to work this weekend ... and as usual have a whole list of things to do!

Have a good one everybody! Chat more soon!

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