Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The End In Sight

I didn't realize that it's been over two weeks since I've been here ... so much on the go and so much on the horizon ... that I guess I've just been really absorbed in it all.

Mel's sweater is in the final stages...I'm on the big shawl collar now and pecking away at the last third of the second sleeve (at work) ... I'm getting pretty sick of blue right now ... even tho it is my fave ... just looking forward to getting it done and on to other things, I suppose. Glad to say that it is working out as planned ... just hoping at this point that there'll be enough yarn ... it'll be close!

Amidst everything else ... I'm contemplating trying to knit some socks ... something I haven't done before. Paul used to have a pair of great cotton knit ones that he loved ... and hoping I can replicate them ... for Christmas.

November .... OMG ... that's next week! ... and it's a supremely busy month for me ... two birthdays ... Christmas parties for work and the Co-op Board ... and to cap it off ... our store's 10th Anniversary ... then the kick-off to Christmas with the Magic Weekend!

Ya so ... if I'm not around much ... that'll be why!

Tim turns 19 (legal) this year ... and just landed a job on the night crew at our local Zellers! He's always been a nighthawk ... so I'm guessing he'll love working nights. He's already planning what he's gonna buy with all that money! Kids!

It's going to be a great winter indoors ... DH decided not to wait until our old TV died ... (you know it's coming when the thing takes 30 seconds to show you anything) ... so dipped into the savings and scored a great deal on a new 42" Panasonic Viera Plasma Screen! Owwwww! Awesome picture! Been checking out a free trial offer on the HD channels ... and the difference is sooooo incredible! Bring on the movies!

I'll try to have some pics for you soon ... instead of all this boring text. Must request again for those blanket ones Mel took ... she's so forgetful sometimes.

Well must run ... it's getting late!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Canada!

It's been a busy weekend ... thankful first and formost that I was off ... to enjoy it!
Fall colours right now are really lovely ... we actually had a bit of frost last night ... and that's pretty much done in my impatience baskets.

Spent yesterday baking & cooking ... had my brother over for dinner ... ham & all the trimmings!

Have been knitting away on Melanies sweater ... I'm almost ready to start the armhole shaping ... so moving right along!

I have had a chance to play ... had decided to try out the pattern for that butterfly in the Summer Garden piece that I shared. It was tricky ... especially to work in one colour ... as I had to figure out where to carry on or when to break and restart the thread ... and I used # 30 thread and a larger hook than the original pattern ( # 70 ). I had a hard enough time with my thread ... and think the latter would almost be too fine of work for my hands!

So ... here's the one wing that I've finished!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Librans Rock!

I wanted to say a big Happy BD to Betty Pillsbury ... another fellow Libra !

I had a grand time at a stitching weekend back in '99 when Betty was the featured teacher ... and we became fast friends ... probably because of our shared sign ... artists to the core!

Her work is always awesome ... and has long been a source of inspiration to me. It is uncanny how we think alike.

So Happy BD Betty ... and any other fellow Librans out there!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

And The Winner Is . . .

Well ... as promised ... after dinner this evening I put all the names into the Lucky Tin ...

and the winner is ...

Linda H from NB!


Congrats Linda ... I have your info and will get your prize on the way soon!

Thanks everyone for participating in my 2nd Annual BD Draw! It's been fun!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Thanks All ... Had a GREAT Day!

Thanks to all for the BD wishes! I suppose it is officially over ... but I'm drawing it out until bed.

I had a really great day! I did no housework ... and played with a couple of projects. Managed to finish off one sleeve of Mel's sweater and did a few more rounds on the body. I also did a section of a new special project that will eventually be a huge patterned piece (and won't be shared...sorry...until it is complete and ready for sale...yes it's that huge!). I love when things start to take the shape that I've mentally planned!

To cap off the day I'm plugged into "More '80s" ... Depeche Mode & Roxy Music ... they were two of my fave bands back then ... so awesome! ... and sipping a few BD beers!

Paul started a week of holidays today and had been planning a "fall colours"photographic / fishing trip up to Manitoulin Island (an annual event for him and a few buds) ... but when the weather forecast indicated rain ... rain ... & more rain ... well ... he just decided he wasn't up for camping in that ...so instead will head up to Mark's cottage for a few days...just to clear his head.

So ... for the first time in years he was actually here for my birthday and we decided to go to this fabulous place in Ajax called "Imperial Buffet". All-you-can-eat ... and man ... they have an awesome spread! Alaskan Crab, shrimp, mussels, calamari, sushi, Escargot Deluxe, ribs, General Tao Chicken (Tim's fave), Teriyaki Salmon, Grilled Sea Bass, and tons more ... desserts to die for ... and a whole island of fresh fruit! On weekends they have an awesome 6' chocolate fountain ... glad they didn't have it today ... that would have just done me in!

The best part ... ya get a free meal when it's your birthday!

Ohhhh ... I was soooo stuffed when we left. Came home & had to have a wee laydown to digest it all. Two hours later ... after a nap ... got up & back into my special project and more knitting.

So ya all in all a really great birthday!

PS ... Happy Belated BD to Pat Winter ... who enjoyed several tea parties on her 50th!
Glad you had such fun on your big day!

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